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Bernipave Road Profiling

Bernipave Road Profiling is part of the Bernipave Group and offers a professional profiling service to meet all your road construction and restoration needs. Services include:

  • State of the art profiling equipment including 1m and 2m profilers that can excavate almost any type of pavement material to subgrade level including kerb and gutter, natural ground, concrete and asphalt services to an extremely accurate cut without disturbing the subgrade or base material. We can also provide the option of the use of a fine drum mill on jobs.
  • We are able to offer a full mill and fill service to our customers through the Bernipave Group services asphalt division.
  • Profiling offers an accurate and efficient service with the profiler removing the need for saw cutting and completing work twice as quickly as conventional hydraulic machines as the equipment excavates the base, crushes the material and fills trucks for removal simultaneously.
  • Our road profiling services are available for external hire with our experienced operators.

Complete Construction and Restoration Service

Bernipave has over 40 years experience in the road surfacing industry specialising in industrial and government works.

We have the experience, resources and specialist equipment to deliver any road pavement rehabilitation projects.

Our services include:

Excavation and demolition of existing road surfaces and pavements

Road profiling services using 1m and 2m profilers

Asphalt laying services including machine laid and hand laid

Concrete pathways driveways, roads, pedestrian and traffic islands, crossovers, laybacks

Sealing services including crack sealing, tack coating , cold emulsion seals

Linemarking including thermoplastic, waterbourne,

Drainage works